Boy and a Balloon is a truly unique and dynamic ‘folk-centred’ indie band focused around four multi-instrumentalists .  Taking major influence from musical icons from their troubadour heroes of the 40’s right up to the 70’s, Boy And A Balloon is about the innocent and inevitable loss of something human, precious and innocent – so apparent in today’s fast paced and overwhelming technological world.

Centred around lead singer Alex Hall, A London busker, and a session guitar player – touring extensively for Motown legend, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Hall takes the gritty attitude of the capital city and the Mowtown label, and dismantles the idea of cleanness by accompanying his delicate vocals on his mainstay guitar; a bashed up 3/4 size nylon guitar through a StreetCube amplifier – to create glitchy and humanly imperfect timbre. Merged with a simplistic songwriting style to underpin and iron the creases out of the music, Boy And A Balloon attempts to create a new brand of idiosyncratic pop songs. It is a true and purposeful statement and philosophy that songwriting will shine through roughness.

Sometimes cerebral, sometimes serious – and yet – sometimes through genre, country, sometimes synth pop, Boy And A Balloon is ultimately versatile, honest and witty songwriting shaped in a form which has a poke at you, puts an arm round you, makes you grin, makes you sad then makes you tap your foot again  – just like all those classics did come before Don Mclean said the music died.

Using a DIY approach for live shows, Hall – as well as playing piano and trumpet, teams up with Leo Polchar (Cello/Mandolin), Fillip Johansson (Guitar/Vox) and Martha MacBean (Cello/Vocals/Bass) to create the core of the live sound – resulting in exciting and sometimes unexpected live performances.

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